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We are two brighton-based teens, both seventeen. Bored as hell in our summer holidays, we decided that instead of lying around moaning about how bored we are, we'd actually do something about it, and here we are. This blog intends to provide you with interviews, photoshoots, fashion, music and much more...
It’s been a while, but here it is anyway D.I.Y day!! Upholster an old lampshade with some fringing - I’m in love with this bobble stuff! and using a glue gun simply attach it to the bottom of your lamp! Have fun!
If your in brighton next Sunday you should defiantly check out this amazing fair coming to town! Only £2 per entry and children under 12 go free!
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Are you interested in films? Enjoy ranting about the latest release and predicting Oscar winners? (This is turning awfully cheesy, I apologize)

After contributing to several music blogs, I’m certain that reviewing is something that I really love. And, as much as I enjoy writing about music, it’s…

I (Gee) am setting up a lil film review blog, if you’re interested in contributing, have a read of this and hop over to my tumblr! No experience needed, just passionate film fans.

I’m having a clear out!! The other day I had a friend round and whilst looking through my wardrobe she pulled out my old school blazer “really sophie, when are you ever going to wear this again”!! I made up some stupid excuse whilst at the back of my mind thinking shes so right! I am a bit of a hoarder  but clothes and shoes are my worst, I have so many shoes in my wardrobe its more of a shoe mountain -  which sounds a lot like the awesome Disney ride space mountain . Any way, all the clothes, shoes & accessories are things I really never wear anymore cause I’ve grown (width wise :( ) or it was never me.. But maybe my rubbish is YOUR treasure.. or not but you might as well have a look..  - from here just click ‘see other items’
BEST OF 2012

I leave everything till the last minute these days and I’m weary of writing about WHY I like things, so here’s a brief and concise review of 2012 aka the year we were all supposed to die and awkwardly didn’t.


  1. Oblivion - Grimes
  2. Hood - Perfume Genius
  3. Disparate Youth - Santigold
  4. Losing You - Solange
  5. Honey - Swim Deep
  6. The Hall Bop - Mystery Jets
  7. Rock Bottom - King Krule
  8. Pyramids - Frank Ocean
  9. Bury My Bones - Pure Love
  10. On The Sea - Beach House


  1. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange
  2. Mystery Jets - Radlands
  3. Grimes - Visions
  4. Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It
  5. Santigold - Master of My Make-Believe
  6. Peggy Sue - Peggy Sue Play the Songs of Scorpion Rising
  7. Best Coast - The Only Place
  8. Jack White - Blunderbuss
  9. Melody’s Echo Chamber - Melody’s Echo Chamber
  10. Beach House - Bloom


  1. Seven Psychopaths
  2. Looper
  3. The Master
  4. Moonrise Kingdom
  5. Rust and Bone
  6. Sightseers
  7. Beasts of Southern Wild
  8. The Dark Knight Rises
  9. Liberal Arts
  10. Five Year Engagement

That’s a wrap for this year folks, see you in 2013 with BRAND NEW EXCITING THINGS.


sorry we went away again for like a million years, it’s a very poor habit of ours (like not using proper punctuation and capital letters har har.)

anyway it’s december which means one thing


except last year i wrore literally essays for my end of year lists and they were cruelly ignored by everyone therefore i have decided to make life easier for myself by using one sentence reviews. 


Anonymous asked: what are your favourite autumn songs?

probably anything and everything by elliott smith, cat power and jeff buckley! in terms of whole albums, joni mitchell’s blue is probably the most perfect thing ever, river is one of my favourite songs in the entire world but i only allow myself to listen to it in autumn/winter to make it extra special. dead man’s bones (ryan gosling’s band if you didn’t know!!!) is super good for autumn cos the whole album is about zombies and ghosts n stuff, i tend to listen to that around halloween. also i’m currently obsessed with a song that’s on the soundtracks for looper and smashed called i want to see the bright lights tonight by richard and linda thompson. it’s so easy to listen to on repeat. (such a long and rambling reply sorry!)

pizza--slutz-deactivated2013011 asked: this blog is completely beautiful and perfect.

our first ask, and what a nice one!! thank you so much.

books that totally need to be made into films

This year, in succession to many others, has been a year for LITERARY ADAPTATIONS. It’s strange, they’ll be some years where it’ll feel like no books will get turned into films (usually years that are chock-a-block with superhero films) and others where you’ll find yourself seeing a film and thinking “oh, that’s based on a book?!”. Continuing the trend this year are two highly-anticipated films that have just been released - On The Road and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Whilst they may not have been perfect, these books have films have both been kinda awesome in their own ways, although in Perk’s case, I think that’s mainly down to the wonderful (and *ahem* deeply attractive) Ezra Miller’s portrayal of Patrick, one of the best things about the book.

Current adaptations notwithstanding, I still can’t help but feel there are some films that deserve to be coming into our cinemas in the next few years. There have been many, many occasions this year in which I’ve closed a book, sighed a little sigh and thought “WHERE IS THE FILM OF THIS MASTERPIECE”. (the first film on this list in particular) will they ever get made? Who knows. Let’s hope so or one book/film fanatic is going to have to start making them herself.

Also, on a sidenote, this list is not in order because i dont have the energy for that shit.

The Secret History - Donna Tartt

The Premise? Intellectual misfit Richard joins an exclusive Greek class at his New England college, but soon discovers that his five eccentric classmates have been taking part in some sinister activities outside of class.

Why? I read this book for the first time this summer and devoured it within a few days. While it may start off slow, there is something so engaging about narrator, Richard’s voice that you find yourself simply glued to the page, following the rise and fall of characters that seem so flawed and well-developed that they could almost be real. (thank goodness they aren’t though, considering some of the debauched activities they get up to) Despite having only read it the once, this is a book that I feel I can already claim as one of my favourites, and I know I’m not the only one. The book is beloved to many of countless ages, (I’ve seen it mentioned on Rookie and Flavorwire have dedicated whole posts to it) hence the fact it would make a brilliant film. The imagery used in the book is already so striking that a reader can already picture it easily, plus the book’s ambiguous era means it could be made into something of a period piece.

The Cast? Andre Garfield would be perfect as Richard, and I’d love Electrick Children's Julia Gardner to play the angelic Camilla. 

An Abundance of Katherines - John Green

The Premise? Ex-child prodigy Colin has just been dumped by his nineteenth girlfriend named Katherine, so he sets off on a road trip to try and find himself and develop a theory that can predict the future of any relationship.

Why? Let’s be honest, every single John Green books is crying out to be made into a film. The most obvious the get the movie treatment is probably his cult novel Looking for Alaska, (y’know, the one that has the quote everyone used to be obsessed with on Tumblr?) however I found Katherines a much better novel to be frank. Plus, it’s a roadtrip. It’s the sort of quirky gimmick that, if given a 500 Days of Summer or Little Miss Sunshine touch, could draw in both mainstream and arthouse audience. It would have a killer indie soundtrack, the flashback sequences could be done in Super 8, and the narrator is kind of a Nice Boy, but with a couple of flaws. Audiences dig that shit.

The Cast? Gotta go for Andrew Garfield again. That boy’s good at playing lovable misfits. Paul Dano could do a job but I feel he’s a little too old, as is the man I really want for the role - Community's Danny Pudi. (I don't know why, but I really do, okay?)

Orpheus Rising - Colin Bateman

The Premise? It’s been ten years since critically-acclaimed author Michael Ryan’s wife was tragically killed, and as he revisits the scene of the crime, he finds himself caught up in a story that transcends life and death. 

Why? I accidentally picked this book up in my local library, and boy am I glad I did, as it’s fast become one of my favourite books. What’s great about it is that the plot gives it no justice at all, you assume the books going in a conventional way - man visits his old hometown to get closure etc etc then BAM, things get all weird and the plot starts mirroring a Greek myth (brownie points if you guess which one) and it’s totally amazing. I recommended this book to two of my friends and they both hated it which is somewhat off-putting, but nevertheless this would totally work as a film, providing you got the right actors. The plot has so many hybrids that it’s possible for a director to interpret it in their own way, meaning it could turn out as a woeful melodrama, or gritty thriller. Either are cool by me.

The Cast? As Michael hails originally from Ireland, fellow Irishman Michael Fassbender could definitely do the role justice as he’s brilliant at being super creepy and mysteriously attractive at the same time.

Generation X - Douglas Coupland

The Premise? Despondent with society, best friends Andy, Dag and Claire live a happy existence in the Californian desert, mainly consisting of drinking and swapping outlandish stories. (No seriously, that’s pretty much the whole plot)

Why? This, as with the rest of Coupland’s work, has never been adapted, and I admit, I do see the reasoning behind this. Someone with complete disrespect for the sheer madness and genius of his work could come in and create a total travesty. It may just be that his books are “unfilmable”. Or perhaps, like the late Sallinger, he point-blank refuses to let anyone try and adapt his work. But Generation X is too brilliant to never be filmed. . In his prime, Gregg Araki could’ve done a hell of a good job on this, after all it, like most his films, is full to the brim with apocalyptic doom. However after last year’s sex-fuelled catastrophe that was Kaboom, I feel that maybe he’s not the man for the job. Nevertheless, there’s got to be someone out there that’s right for the job. There’s so much of this book that I want to see as a film. I want to see their houses, picnics in the desert, their eccentric outfits. I’ve already began to conjure up these people in my head, but now I need to really see them.

The Cast? They’ve got a ten year age difference, but Ezra Miller and Aubrey Plaza would be fabulous as Dag and Claire.

Miss Misery - Andy Greenwald

The Premise? Everything is normal in New-Yorker David Gould’s life - aside from an unrequited crush on an internet blogger, a girlfriend who’s moved away, oh and a hedonistic double gradually trying to steal his identity.

Why? I picked this book up because a quote on the front cover hailed it as "Fight Club for Hipsters". And, to be honest, that’s pretty spot on. A large section of the book is spent listing, in detail, every single song that plays ever, meaning that you can already guarantee it would have a killer soundtrack. It’s set in New York. The character might be a bit “Nice Guy” but hey, that’s okay, cos he’s got a no holds barred coke-sniffing obnoxious alter ego. There’s something in this film for everyone, but to put it simply I see this film as Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist crossed with Fight Club. But with more hipsters. 

The Cast? This is a tough one. David’s in his twenties so you’ve either got to get someone older who can play young, or someone younger who can play old. And can manage two roles. After seeing Moon, I’m convinced Sam Rockwell could pull this off, but I feel he’s probably too old. Brit Marling might be good as the titular “Miss Misery”.

Bad Kitty - Michelle Jaffe

The Premise? All wannabe sleuth Jas does is help a little boy and a cat when she’s on holiday in Vegas, and the next thing she knows, she’s involved in a mystery that’s more sinister than she can possibly imagine.

Why? Well, for a start, all the books on this list have been male-dominated, so it’s nice to have a female-led one for a change. Not only that but the protagonist is mixed-race AND curly haired (its nice to have someone in literature to relate to!) oh yeah and is a total badass. While this would probably be aimed at teens, if it had the right writers, it could definitely be one of those films that transcends age barriers, like Mean Girls and Clueless. The book has it all - comedy, drama, romance, rollerskating, cats - so I don’t see why the film can’t be the same.

The Cast? The only young mixed-race actress I can think of is Zoe Kravitz but I cannot stand the girl so an unknown actress would be best. Anton Yelchin for Tom, and Emma Stone for Polly, the object of his affections. 

Black Hole - Charles Burns

The Premise? A group of teens in the 70’s contract a mysterious disease causing various different mutations - and all from just having sex.

Why? I’ve never really been into comics before, aside from reading Ghostworld and Scott Pilgrim after I’d seen the films, but I’d been hearing about Black Hole for a while, so I picked it up on an off-chance. I’m glad I did, as it’s an absorbing read (I read the whole of it in one sitting) that has you feeling sympathy for some characters and disgust for others. It’s exactly the kind of quirky thing that could work if it was done in the style of Ghostworld, which worked so well on the big screen.

The Cast?  Taylor Kitsch, Juno Temple, any number of other young actors whose names are currently escaping my head.

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